Sunday, April 26, 2009

God or money?

Have you every wonder what life is about ?
I bet this question always pops-up in our mind... what's my purpose ? what's the reason I'm born? what's my destiny?
And MOST of the time we just can't seem to figure it out. Our purpose, our dreams, our visions... sometimes we wanna be like this and other times we wanna be like that, the decision of ours is always not the same depending on the situation that we are going through.

I mean why all this kind of confusion that we are giving ourselves, making us feel so stress up all the time, and at the end of the day, some of us might just end up somewhere where we did not even plan at the first place. Sucks right ? but that's the culture I'm seeing now days people choosing the path that they thought it was right but at the end of the day they realize that the path that they took was wrong all this while. And I can see that some of them had given up on pursuing their dreams.

This is a norm in our society now days, people are just living for one thing. MONEY!!! tell me if I'm wrong, more den 90% population around the world only have one aim in their lives, EARN ALOT OF MONEY so that they wouldn't need to worry bout their lives anymore. Well that's sounds really secure right ? with all the money, we can buy anything we want, do whatever we want, go places that we want, life is just so easy when we have alot of money. But just let me ask you, Is it true ? with money everything will be solve ? are you sure that money is the key to everything ?

Well the answer is definately NO!! NO!! NO!!

It's simple to answer, money can't buy health, money can't buy friendship, money can't buy love, there just some much important things in life that money can't buy... and you know what ?If we always focus on money, that means our relationship with God will also distance away..
Just take Luke 16:13 for example
"No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other, of be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money"
This verse clearly states that we can only choose either God or money and the priority in our lives. We can't put both of them in ourlifes and claim that both is equally important. That doesn't mean that money is not important. But God is much more important in all of our life's. We can survive without money but with God by our side, but on the other hand, we CAN'T survive with just only money and God our of ourlifes.

God is the center of everything, without God we wouldn't even exist in thi very place. I'm saying all this doesn't mean that we don't need moeny in ourlifes, YES! no doubt we need money to survive in this society but with God by ourside why worry ? God loves us so much he sends his only Son to die for our sins. I'm sure God won't leave us to starve to death. God is always providing us with the things we NEED. Take note is the things we NEED but not the things we WAN'T . There's a difference wanting something and needing something.
For example,
You need a handphone, so your dad buys one handphone. The handpohne is good enuf with all the basic functions you need to communicate. That's the thing you NEED!!
But rather sticking to that handphone, you asked ur dad for a better handphone. It has the same function but with additional functions add-on. And That's you desire, the thing that you WAN'T.

So you see the difference? God provides us with the things that we need in our lifes, but is us that is always unsatisfy with they things that we already have and we ask more from God. And if God never bless us when we ask for it, then we will blame God for not caring. And worst some of us choose to turn into money worshipers rather than believing in God will provide us. This mind set is definately not right. even the bible says in Proverbs 21:17
"17 Those who love pleasure become poor;
those who love wine and luxury will never be rich."
When we don't focus on God but other stuff, definately God wouldn't bless us. Because we are not worshiping God but rather we are worshiping money as our God. So why would God wanna bless those who turn away from Him and worship other things as God.

SO fellow readers, just wan you to think bout what i've said, Money is important, but God is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than know ? When we die, we can't bring the treasures on earth to heaven, but is we serve God, obey Him, Love Him, there are even more treasures waiting for us in eternal life. So why wanna be so obsess about money that is just temporally. Let us just focus on God and definately God will bless all his beloved child =)
So guys just think bout it, if you still have this mind set that money is much more important, pray to God and ask for His help, is never too late to ask God for help =)

That's all for this time post, I'm kinda tired so gonna sleep now.
Till the next post see ya...

God Bless....

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