Sunday, May 3, 2009

Upset & Sorry

Love ? does people really know what is love ?
Just thinking of that makes me unhappy... I don't know what's the main reason for my anger but I'm just really angry and piss off when I hear and see people treating love like 'trash'!!!

well back to my topic.. WHY?? WHY ?? WHY?? why is the mentality of human now days so low... as i said from my previous post, Love is something that is so sacred.. Love show us how God care about all of us!! God is LOVE!! everything begins with God's LOVE!!! so do you see the connection??? Even in our life's, without Love we can't survive that long, everyone needs Love .. True Love I mean...

Something happen today that really upset me a lot. I got a call from my friend knowing the my friend feeling was being play by some person that my friend likes. Hearing that sores me even more. And I really felt like I was useless at that moment cant even say something that can make my friend feel better, just wanna appolagize to you if you are reading my blog. I'm sorry I'm not in any good help in this, I'm really sorry.....

The LORD is close to the heartbroken...

so don't worry ok? God is always with you and He will definately lift up all the sadness that you have.. just stay strong =)

sorry I'm emo-ing also already..
thats all for today..
till next time..

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