Friday, January 8, 2010

Feeling a moment.

It's kinda late now. 4a.m. and I still can't put my eyes in to a resting state. Too much things in my mind spinning around now.

Well was watching youtube and accidentally found Kate Voegele's clips. So decided to watch it and I can say that it was quite relaxing. It's been awhile since I heard such harmony and peace guitar melodies. Was thinking bout how long since I've really put my heart on my beloved piece of instrument and really find joy in it.

All the while just playing to just to suit my feeling of emo and frustration. But in the middle of way, I was lost. Forgetting what my guitar is all about. It was never for just the sake of jamming and performing. It was a piece of instrument that gave me peace and joy.

Wish I had my guitar by my side now.....
And just strum away my thoughts...

hallelujah from Kate Voegele
hope you guys enjoy this =)

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