Sunday, December 20, 2009

Love our enemies...

'But I tell you who hear me; Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you....'
Luke 6:27

As time passes by, God always instill more and more thoughts in my mind, telling me that I have this to overcome that to overcome. And this post responds directly to the last post that I've post which is forgiveness. When we say forgive, we forgive those who wronged us by reconciliation and make peace with them. But there is a greater calling beyond apply the heart of forgiveness. Which is Love our enemies, to good to those that oppose you.

Well 1st thing when I get this verse from God, I was like whoa!! Hardcore stuff man, God you are really testing me to the limits. As further on, I began thinking about people that wronged me, people that I dislike, people that annoys me, and the mind of this things just kept on coming and coming and coming. Well certainly I can say this is not easy for me at all!

But why love our enemies ?

'If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?'
Matthew 6:46

It is stated in the bible clearly, what is the reason behind loving our enemies, the people that despise us, people that we dislike or hate. If we were to love someone that love us also and that we have good impression towards the guy/girl, wouldn't it be easy? since we are okay with them. There is no need of like putting any extra effort just to try to even communicated with the individual since we are okay whit each other.

But on the other hand, loving your enemies, now this is a though call. Imagine how can we try to love someone that we hate and despise so much, knowing that the person might have wrong us so many times, until the unbearable extend. But God tells us to love these kind of people!! Why? It's quite simple yet hard to do actually. If we were to love someone we already love it will be easy to accept them but, if we were to learn how to love those we hate, we really need to calm down our hearts and put everything aside to just try to accept them and care for them. But by doing show, it shows a more genuine heart because although it was hard to accept certain facts about the person that we dislike, we try to put effort in trying to understand more bout them and try to help what ever we can do.
It will be hard but is shows more of a genuine heart.

If Jesus can love us so much even though we are the one who put Him on the cross and crucified Him, I'm sure that through Him we can learn more and be more like Him. Definitely I can say it's impossible for us to just love our enemies just like that But with God everything can be done. Jesus came down to show us all this ways, ways of loving those who persecute us and those we despise. And as a follower by all means, we should try to learn more about how to be a obedient follower and try to be more like Him.

So may we learn more and more on how to love our enemies despise that they had wrong us at most times, God is love and as Christians we should learn how to love those who had wronged us but rather than just dwell ourselves in the midst of anger and revenge. Love covers everything, and with the help of God nothing is impossible.

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