Thursday, December 17, 2009


..... he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples feet...'
John 13:5

How often that we think we are better others? In terms of academic, family background, wealth, relationship with others, our knowledge toward God's word. This is off something that is seen in our daily life's. We always compare ourself with others and judging them, labeling them accordingly to what we see with out naked eyes. And with that we become selective and choose people that we feel comfort to help with, at the same time being ignorant towards those of doesn't give benefits for us.

From time to time we are labeling people, giving them names and we just ignored those who are lesser compare to us. But, this is not of what God wants! In the bible, it was show through Jesus that he lived His life as a leader which serve other regardless of their ranks and status. This lifestyle of Jesus is the way of life that we should follow. By serving others and helping those who are indeed rather than kicking those group of people aside and just ignore every single one of them.

The quoted verse above is from the story when of Jesus knew Judas was going to betray Him but yet he still teach serve them and was his feet knowing everything that is gonna happen next and at the same time He taught the disciples to do of the same thing to others also. From that passage we knew how Jesus is. Jesus is fully man but also fully God at the same time. But He showed to all of us what is the true meaning of being a Christian, which is to serve others and helping others but not of just doing things and claiming glory to ourself.

But nowadays what are we doing ? Instead of serving others like how Jesus taught, we took up the pride and walk another way most of the time. Being a Christian which means to be more and more like Christ but not just being a worldly 'cekap' Christian. All of us should humble down ourself and serve others like what Jesus did.

'I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sends him.'
John 13:16

We must always remember that God is our master and He is of Pure and Holy. we can never compare ourself to Him. He is our master and as followers we are to be submit to Him. It was never like go and serve those who you feel comfort with, but it should be go and serve those who are indeed. And to do that we must learn how to put down our pride so that we will always remember that no matter how great we are in God's eyes we are all of the same, filthy sinners and displeases God.

I know most of the time its hard, I often struggle in this part also. Always thinking highly of myself and just being plain ignorant to those which of I feel is lesser than me and I will just look down at them. But those are the people that needs my help more than any of my other friends. Pride kills, seriously and only by humbling down ourself only we will learn how to love others as how God loves us in the 1st place. We sinned so much and yet God loves us so much, and we who don't deserve any of God's love at the first place should also helping others to see God's love for them instead of just being selfish.

We are all of the same, our body is covered with sin. But by God's love and grace we are given a second chance. As a true follower of Christ, we should instead of taking the love to ourself, we should show others about God's amazing love and grace and guide them into God's kingdom. And we are to remember that we are not any great, but we are disciple of Jesus, and as a disciple our job is to follow what the masters says and being submissive to our master.

So may we know that we are not worthy of being love by God what more becoming His son. But we are given a second chance by God's grace and love. And as His sons we should follow His command and His way of servanthood. Because without God giving another chance we are all definitely going to hell.

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